Panhellenic Council

The University of Mississippi

Ways to Prepare for Sorority Recruitment

Verify cumulative grade point average

As part of the University application process, students are to send in their final transcripts to the Office of Admissions immediately after graduation/course completion. The student should work with their guidance counselor/advisor at their high school or academic institution to ensure a cumulative grade point average on a 4.00 scale is listed on their transcript. No transcripts should be mailed to the individual fraternities or Office of the Dean of Students. Please remember some guidance counselors/advisors may leave for summer break, so please make sure the request for final transcripts are sent immediately after graduation or course completion.

The grade point average listed on the transcript as reported by the high school or academic institution is used for formal recruitment and made available to approved individuals within Greek Affairs and individual fraternities.

To learn more about the University admissions process steps for recently admitted students, visit their web site. Transcripts are mailed to: Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848.

Alcohol EDU Requirement

At the University of Mississippi, first year students (i.e. Freshmen, Transfer, etc.) must complete the Alcohol EDU course. Applicants participating in Panhellenic and IFC formal recruitment must complete part 1 of the Alcohol EDU course prior to formal recruitment beginning. Students who do not complete Part 1 by September 13, 2014, may not participate in formal recruitment.

To learn more about Alcohol EDU, including how to receive access to the course or timing of each part, visit the Office of Health Promotions.

Pay the Recruitment Registration Fee

If you haven’t done so already, you need to pay the recruitment registration fee. You can pay at the end of the registration application online. If not, and you still need to pay, you can request a paylink by emailing

Panhellenic formal recruitment registration closes Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 11:59pmCST. Students must be registered and paid before this date to participate in formal recruitment.

The formal recruitment registration fee is $100.00 until July 31, 2104. Recruitment registration and or registration fee payments completed starting August 1, 2014 will require a $125.00 registration fee. The fee can be paid with a credit card or electronic check (e-check) by filling out the Greek Bill online payment form that will appear after completing the registration application.

Learn More About Recommendation Letters

The University of Mississippi nor Panhellenic Council requires recommendation letters. Recommendation letters may be required by Panhellenic sororities. Transcripts are not required during the Panhellenic recruitment registration process.

To learn more about recommendation letters, please visit local sorority websites where you’ll learn more about their recommendation letter expectations, who to contact with questions, what forms are used, and if they are required. Please know, some sororities have deadlines for when recommendation letters are due, which is usually sometime in July or August. Please check with individual sororities about their deadlines.

Read Information Regarding Sorority Formal Recruitment

Continue checking back for updates and new information. For now, please review our website as it includes all the relevant information you’ll need regarding sorority formal recruitment.