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Panhellenic Council
The University of Mississippi

Recruitment Resources

While we are currently revising some of our recruitment resources for the 2023 formal recruitment process, below is a list of resources every Potential New Member will need to be aware before entering the Primary Recruitment Process at the University of Mississippi. To access this information, simply click on the name of the document. Please return throughout the summer for updated information. If you have any questions regarding these items, please email or call the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at 662-915-7609. Please note that we have a new recruitment website! Visit for more information on recruitment 2023!

Potential New Member Need To Know’s 2023: This sheet provides everything a PNM will need to know about their role within the recruitment process, resources provided to them by recruitment counselors and chapter members, and important information about selection processes.

Potential New Member Bill of Rights 2023: This sheet outlines the rights provided to a PNM during the recruitment process.

Potential New Member Code of Ethics 2023: This sheet outlines the expectations and standards of all women associated with Panhellenic organizations at the University of Mississippi. As a PNM, it is important for you to be aware of these and respect them throughout the recruitment process.

Potential New Member Code of Conduct 2023: This sheet outlines all expectations of potential new members going through the primary recruitment process at the University of Mississippi. All PNMs will be expected to sign a digital version of this at Convocation.

Potential New Member Video Guidelines 2023: Each PNM is required to upload a video with their recruitment registration. Attached are the specific guidelines related to PNM video submissions. Please note that you can write “in progress” on your recruitment registration if you additional time to complete your video. You will be able to go back into the PNM portal and attach the link once completed.

Chapter Guidelines on Recommendation Letters 2023: If you are referring to a copy of the 2022 Letters of Recommendation information, please disregard and refer to this updated version (click the link and scroll down on the site to the heading “Letters of Recommendation”). A Recommendation/Reference (also called a REC or RIF) serves as your introduction to the sorority, so their members can get to know you in advance of primary recruitment in the fall. Letters of recommendation are not required by the College Panhellenic Council for participation in the recruitment process, although specific chapters may require them for membership consideration. These official forms, which are unique to each individual sorority, are provided by the national organization for their alumnae members to fill out on behalf of potential new members.

Please note that each sorority has its own policy regarding recommendation forms and that UM Panhellenic Council does NOT have access to individual sorority Recommendation/Reference Forms. We encourage one (1) recommendation per chapter that uses Recommendation Letters.

The individual completing the recommendation for the PNM should mail it directly to the local sororities or complete the online submission process. PNMS should NOT send test scores or transcripts to local chapters. Sororities at the University of Mississippi have requested that photo collages, videos, and any food items not be sent to the sorority, including during Primary Recruitment.

If you cannot find a letter of recommendation for each of the 11 NPC sororities participating in primary recruitment at the University of Mississippi, please do not worry! These are meant to help, not to hinder.

We strongly recommend that all recommendations be submitted to the chapters by July 14th, 2023, to ensure they arrive and are reviewed prior to the start of Recruitment. We are currently revising our information on recommendation letters in preparation for the 2023 formal recruitment process. For reference, you can access the information regarding recommendations from the 2022 formal recruitment process below.

Financial Transparency Sheet 2023: College Panhellenic and active NPC organizations on campus have collaborated to provide financial information that will be important for PNMs to be aware of in preparation for membership. You can view that information here.

Early Move In Meal Plan 2022: Each Potential New Member participating in the Panhellenic recruitment process will be automatically enrolled in an early move in meal plan for the time between their early move in date until the last few days of the recruitment process. To learn more about this, you can view the attached document. A 2023 version will be uploaded as soon as possible.