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Potential New Members, Parents, and Alumnae,

The College Panhellenic Council remains highly impressed by our community members’ commitment to upholding our ideals and the values-based recruitment process. As nationally recognized chapters, it remains in our best interest to be on the forefront of issues affecting Panhellenic life and to continue the outstanding progress that has been made by those Panhellenic women before us in order to better represent the ideals held by our chapters.

We are seeking to ensure that Potential New Members, parents, and university alumnae are aware of newly adopted Panhellenic recruitment policies in accordance with standards ordered by the National Panhellenic Conference. As the governing body of the Panhellenic community, it is in our interest to ensure the protection and safety of our chapters, their members, and potential new members. Providing alcohol as a recruitment method as well as hosting Potential New Members is unacceptable and against the University of Mississippi Creed, National Panhellenic Conference, and College Panhellenic Council values. Hosting includes, but is not limited to, taking or accompanying potential new members to spring parties, fraternity parties, pre-games, during orientation sessions, and weekend visits. Members of our community are expected to uphold the aforementioned values impressed upon them throughout their collegiate membership in our organizations. It is in the best interest of Potential New Members to adhere to these policies so that they remain in good standing throughout the recruitment process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the College Panhellenic Council with further questions or concerns at, or visit our website at

The University of Mississippi College Panhellenic Council

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